Cleaning Blocked Drains Safety Tips
Safety Tips When Cleaning Blocked Drains When you noticed that the water on your drain is not flowing well, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is call a professional plumber to do your blocked drains. While it is a good idea, or even an excellent one, you should know that you can easily unclog your drains by doing some simple and inexpensive steps. You can refer to the internet for ideas. However, there are some things that you should consider before trying to unclog the drains by yourself. Here are some of the tips: • Use safety gloves. Unclogging the drains could entail using harsh chemicals which are present in declogging liquids. Make sure that you use heavy duty safety gloves to prevent burning your skin when it gets in touch with the chemical. Also, for hygiene purposes, use gloves when cleaning drains because you would be exposed to contaminants and other microorganisms which found a home in your pipes and this could lead to illnesses or health concerns out of the exposure.
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• Use masks. When cleaning blocked drains you would also be exposed to chemicals with strong fumes which can be offensive to your respiratory system. If you intend to use vinegar for clearing the drain, make sure to use mask because vinegar has strong odor. Other d clogging liquids also causes fizz when poured onto the drain and the gaseous substances emitted from the fizz can also be offensive. • Follow directions. When using chemicals such as lye, make sure that you only pour the recommended amounts on the drain. Remember that lye contains active ingredient and when over used can cause more harm than good. Another declogging liquid that contains strong chemical component is muriatic acid. When using this chemical, chase it down with a small amount of water and leave it for the chemical to work. • Call the experts. If you are not sure what to do and how to do it, call a professional plumber or a boiler repairs expert to do the job. Make sure that the technician is qualified and is equipped with license and insurance.